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Judo first arose in the East over one hundred years ago and even to this day much of its development remains a mystery outside Japan. Syd Hoare has delved into original sources and produced for the first time an illuminating description of how two small systems of Japanese unarmed combat turned into a worldwide Olympic sport. This is a book that every judo player, coach, referee and judo administrator should have. It shows how judo grew from its early start, how its techniques and rules developed and how it surmounted various problems – which still affect judo today. It is an indispensable guide for those judo people who wish to know all about their sport. Not only is judo’s philosophy explained in some detail but many hitherto unknown facts about Kano Jigoro, the founder of judo, have been brought to light. Syd Hoare has done judo a great service by translating all kinds of related material from diverse sources such as sumo, kendo, jujitsu and wrestling to give a new perspective on judo.


"Syd has surpassed himself with this new text. A balanced account of the history of judo, carefully researched, interesting, and entertaining. I couldn't put it down. A great read."
Dr Mike Callan, 6th Dan. President, International Association of Judo Researchers


Some comments on the book

“This book certainly contributes to an overall understanding of where judo came from.”

“….an absolute bargain from Syd Hoare’s website” YJ

“It is outstanding..I cannot commend it to you enough”- L.M

“… Quite out of the ordinary.”

“Great book by Syd Hoare.”

“I’m very impressed" C.M.

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Olympic competitor Syd Hoare tells of his four years judo training in post-war Japan and gives some intriguing insights into its martial arts and the Japanese mind. Syd started judo in 1954 at the famous London Budokwai club, set up in 1918 by two Japanese jujitsu men who had previously travelled the USA and Europe, fighting boxers and wrestlers for prize money, and who were seldom beaten.They inspired many young people, Syd among them, to travel to Japan and learn from the masters. Syd firmly believes that training in Japan is still relevant today for those judo people who wish to set their sights high and have the experience of a lifetime.

A Slow Boat toYokohama is a tale of the hopes and fears of a young man following his destiny to strange lands and is a journey which every martial artist will relate to. In his latest brilliant book, the legendary Syd Hoare takes us with him on his adventure through judo and life. It is a rite of passage set against the rich cultural contrasts of 1960s London andTokyo.

Dr Mike Callan, President International
Association of Judo Researchers, Bath. 2010

Price £9.99
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